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"We don't need no wood."

- Hyce
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Other Guild News

Mythos conquers the dungeons of Pandaria!

Ellestria, Jun 13, 14 12:09 AM.
Congrats to We're Number 100 for getting all golds in challenge mode dungeons in MoP! Enjoy the sweet transmog gear!

From left: Aune, Runamuk, Ellestria, Bassilis, Miburo

Orgrimmar has been retaken, Garrosh has fallen.

Solaerl, Feb 28, 14 6:37 PM.
Garrosh has been defeated! Thanks to Bear Force 10, he will never again threaten Azeroth. Right? Right??

Also, after the kill we went on a celebratory Icecrown stomping, and had an old school OOZE PARTY. Courtesy of Sky Mirrors:

Yes, the oozes can get.. disoriented.

Mythos destroys the Throne of Thunder!

Solaerl, Jul 8, 13 1:15 AM.
Lei Shen has fallen, his throne is broken.
Congratulations Bear Force 10!

The Cataclysm is over. Deathwing is slain!

Hyce, Jan 17, 12 3:59 PM.
Congratulations Mythos!!!  Deathwing has met his end.


Realm First! Heroic Shannox DOWN!

Hyce, Aug 2, 11 9:31 PM.
Mythos is back on top!

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