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"There was that Mick Jagger/Davie Bowie music video..." "WE DO NOT SPEAK OF THAT"

- Bnuu & Alladinsane
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Other Guild News

BFN conquers Highmaul.

Solaerl, Feb 25, 15 2:36 AM.
BFN is currently 6/7 heroic in Highmaul. How sad that we have no screenshots of those achievements! Instead, enjoy this victory shot in front of Imperator's throne when we took him down on normal mode.

Mythos conquers the dungeons of Pandaria!

Ellestria, Jun 13, 14 12:09 AM.
Congrats to We're Number 100 for getting all golds in challenge mode dungeons in MoP! Enjoy the sweet transmog gear!

From left: Aune, Runamuk, Ellestria, Bassilis, Miburo

Orgrimmar has been retaken, Garrosh has fallen.

Solaerl, Feb 28, 14 6:37 PM.
Garrosh has been defeated! Thanks to Bear Force 10, he will never again threaten Azeroth. Right? Right??

Also, after the kill we went on a celebratory Icecrown stomping, and had an old school OOZE PARTY. Courtesy of Sky Mirrors:

Yes, the oozes can get.. disoriented.

Mythos destroys the Throne of Thunder!

Solaerl, Jul 8, 13 1:15 AM.
Lei Shen has fallen, his throne is broken.
Congratulations Bear Force 10!

The Cataclysm is over. Deathwing is slain!

Hyce, Jan 17, 12 3:59 PM.
Congratulations Mythos!!!  Deathwing has met his end.


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